Power of Coaching for the Best Results in Selling.
A 2 Day Non-Residential Workshop

Coaching Skills for
Sales Excellence

17th-18th June 2016, New Delhi

For we are always selling, if not products then ideas.

There is no other single skill to boost sales that works better than Sales Coaching. It’s one single thing that makes the difference between super performer and the mediocre ones.

World over, Coaching is being used to enhance the performance of leaders, executives, business owners and other professionals. Its time you used coaching skills to increase sales, develop better sales teams and grow more.

In this workshop, you will see and learn how coaching adds to your current (selling) skills and makes them even more powerful, respectful and effective.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is targeted towards:

  • Sales Professionals who sell directly, as well as those who manage teams.
  • Every Team Leader/Manager/Executive/GM/Director/Business Owner – as they are always selling -either a product/service to the customer or ideas, concepts, motivation to their own teams.

Program Details

The workshop has three primary sections.

  • Concept of Coaching.
    • What is coaching and what it is not.
    • Who is a Masterful Coach.
    • Witness a live coaching session.
    • Practice a one-on-one coaching session.
    • Experience how to coach as well as benefits of receiving coaching.
    • Being a Coach.
  • Coaching Insights.
    • Seeing Your Client Through Your Client’s Eyes.
    • Mental Maps and Representational Systems.
    • The Bottom Line of Trust Effective Listening.
    • Verbal Techniques That Build Trust Reframing & Metaphors .
    • Building Trust Nonverbally Mirroring .
  • Coaching in Sales.
    • Coaching model for sales.
    • Coach Approach- how and when to use it.
    • Being a Sales Coach.

About The Trainer

Inderjeet Singh is a professional coach with 100s of hours of experience of coaching people from all walks of life. With a 20+ years of career spanning sales, marketing, business management & entrepreneurship, his knowledge and experience in field of finance, Information Technology, Internet and web based services brings richness and diversity to his offerings to the clients.

As an Executive and a life coach, he helps people improve the performance and quality of life. He has helped number of people find peace, success, clarity, focus and growth. He is also a Certified NLP Practitioner and Master NLP Practitioner from Dr. Richard Bandler USA.

An IITD graduate, Inderjeet is also certified coach from International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Country Head for International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring (IIC&M) in India. Click Here to know more.

    Client Speak :
  • Inderjeet’s understanding of the subject is immense. He explains the points in a very simple & lucid manner.
    - H S Kainth- HR Consultant.
  • Facilitator has great control over the subject, very good in answering queries, patient and understanding.
    – Dr. K Iyer, HR Consultant & Trainer.


  • Because traditional ways of selling bring only so much results.
  • Because dynamics of business world are changing faster than ever.
  • Because you always need to be one step ahead.
  • Because you already know everything about sales.
  • And Because the client is knowledgeable and aware like never before.
  • Coaching gives you that little edge that makes the difference.
  • This workshop makes you look at sales from a Coach’s perspective.

Program Advantage

One line Objective of this workshop is to make you experience the power of coaching and use it to better your Sales performance. In Sales Coaching workshop you will learn.

  • How to coach self to bigger target achievements.
  • How to coach your sales teams/Use Coach Approach in your day to day operations.
  • Powerful Trust Building Coaching Insights.
  • How to use Coach Approach in sales process.

Program Details

Dates :17th & 18th June 2016, New Delhi.
Fee Structure:

  • Fee for 1-2 Participant @ Rs 18500/- + 14.5% Service tax per participant.
  • Fee for a team of 3 or more Participants @ Rs.17500/- 14.5% Service tax per participant.
Timings : 10 AM - 5:30 PM ( Includes Lunch & Tea Breaks ).
Registration: Registration is available of first-cum-first serve basis. Please write to us at coach@growmorecoach.com. You can also fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

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Client Speak

  • "Before coming to this session I had heard ‘coaching’ word many times, my interpretation about coaching concept is totally changed. It is a very powerful tool for me now".

    Vice President –HR

  • "Excellent Workshop Content, a very powerful tool for Managers. Coaching concepts are clearly articulated and very effectively taught".

    Director-Finance & Accounting, Room to Read.

  • "The workshop gives the insight to the structured process of coaching. Very simple to understand concepts and great facilitation"

    Head Training, Wockhardt Ltd.






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