Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is one of the most effective leadership development tools for retaining high Potential employees.

Various studies on effectiveness of Executive Coaching have shown a very high returns on investment like 1:6 or 188% on coaching initiatives in various international organizations.

When the employees grow, Organisations progress.When you choose to make executive coaching services available to your top talent, the benefits are felt in all directions be it the coachee’s boss, peers or down the line.

We offer confidential, convenient and cost-effective ways to help you grow, improve and succeed in a way you have always wanted. Our unique approach offers an exceptional return-on-investment by offering exciting new ways of viewing the organization and the individual's specific situation.

Executive Coaching : Is it for you?

  • A coach is a neutral, non-judging, focused listener and a deep thinking ally for whom client’s interests are of paramount importance. The clients who realize this will benefit the most from any coaching engagement.
  • In other words, those who will benefit the most from coaching are the ones who are willing to openly discuss their issues with the coach and then committed to work on the solutions which come out of coaching.

We have devised and updated a very robust system of coaching for Executives.

All our coaching engagement packages have following 6 steps.
1. Establish coaching contract.
2. Identify key stakeholders.
3. Assessments – Realty check.
4. First Session- Identify key Areas of Improvement (AOIs).
5. 6-12 one-on-one Coaching sessions.
6. Measuring Return on Engagement (ROE).

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Up Coming Programs

  • Marshall Goldsmith
    Stakeholder Centered Coaching Certfication,
    3rd & 4th October 2018, Mumbai.

  • Become a Professional Coach
    Grow More Coach Model,
    Starts 26th October 2018, Mumbai.

  • Become a Professional Coach
    Grow More Coach Model,
    Starts 2nd November 2018, New Delhi.

    MAP Your Life,
    23rd January 2019, Mumbai.

Client Speak

  • "Before coming to this session I had heard ‘coaching’ word many times, my interpretation about coaching concept is totally changed. It is a very powerful tool for me now".

    Vice President –HR

  • "Excellent Workshop Content, a very powerful tool for Managers. Coaching concepts are clearly articulated and very effectively taught".

    Director-Finance & Accounting, Room to Read.

  • "The workshop gives the insight to the structured process of coaching. Very simple to understand concepts and great facilitation"

    Head Training, Wockhardt Ltd.






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