Grow More Coach Model
An 80 Hours ICF Approved Coach Training Program

Become A Professional Coach

Build Your Coaching Competencies for Business, Life & Executive Coaching

This is a Fast track ICF Approved Coach Training Program (80hrs) delivered in Face to Face class room training format spread over a 4-6 weeks. The program imparts coaching skills based on ICF core coaching competencies and meets ICF requirement for ACC Certification*.

The program takes you directly into the world of coaching starting from very basics to powerful coaching insights. The tools, techniques and concepts taught are easy and simple to understand, imbibe and implement. Devoid of heavy jargons, they help you get results for your clients which are fast, innovative and achievable. It also covers various aspects of coaching business including how to sell, how to deliver and how to measure returns on coaching engagement.

Grow More Coach Model program touches upon multiple facets of becoming a coach like -the concepts of coaching, benefits of coaching, results coaching brings, what and how of coaching, why (science) coaching works, large and diverse variety of tools required to conduct one-on-one coaching sessions, how of coaching engagement, coaching the self, creating a buy in, running a successful coaching practice, ICF competencies, how to get ICF certified, finding you niche, tons of practice, real life examples, measuring the ROI and so on…

It gives you all that you need to become a professional coach and start your coaching practice either as an In-company coach or as an external coach.

Program Content

The program is designed and structured as per the ICF Core Coaching Competencies. It comprises of 9 powerful sections created to give astructured approach to learning various aspects of coaching.

9 Powerful Coaching Sections

  • About Coaching
    (What it is)

  • Coaching Essentials (Basics of Coaching)

  • Coaching Tools (How & What of coaching)

  • Coaching Insights (Why coaching works)

  • Coaching Engagement

  • Assessing the Client

  • Running a Successful Practice

  • Assessing the Coach

  • More Coaching Tools & Tips

Who Should Attend

Grow More Coach Model

Program Highlights

International Recognition
Grow More Coach Model program is approved by International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is in line with internationally accepted coaching competencies. This leads to ICF ACC level accreditation which gives the participants an instant international recognition. The program is also accredited by International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (IAPCM), enabling our participants to go for IAPCM-APC level certification as well.

Fast Track, Face-to-Face Enhanced Learning
The program comprises of 8 days of face to face classroom training staggered in a 3 day-a gap-3 days- a gap -2 days format. It also comprises of home assignments for the participants which includes coaching practice with others as well as self. This delivery format has been found immensely useful in imbibing learnings at deeper level and has been highly appreciated by our participants.

Participants engaged in a practice coaching session

More Training Hours (ACSTH) to Your Credit
While most of the coaching programs offer 60 hours of training, Grow More Program is a 80 hours program. It is clearly 33% more number of hours and hence more learning.

Learn from the Best
Grow More Program is delivered by a Master Certified Coach (MCC) who has trained almost 500 participants to be professional coaches, equipped thousands of leaders to inculcate coaching in their leadership style and coached 100s of clients. This ensures optimized, in-depth and insightful learning from multiple perspectives based on real life situations and examples.

A practice session in progress (client, coach, observer)

Multiple, Versatile Tools and Concepts
The participants learn multiple tools that can be powerfully used in coaching situations- tools like NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Power of Subconscious mind, Whole brain thinking etc. This equips them with multiple options and tools to use with different situations and different types of clients. This makes the participants into very powerful and versatile coaches.

Experiential Program – Get Coached
This is entirely an experiential program, where participants not only practice coaching but are also made to experience coaching as clients.Participants experience (as an observer/coachee / coach) almost50 sessions as part of the program Very effective in acquiring coaching skills and more importantly in building confidence in one’s own abilities as a coach.

A student giving her sales presentation to the group

Structured/Free Flying Coaching
Participants get introduced to structured approach and then to Free flying approach to coaching. This helps in inculcating coaching skills in the least possible time.

Running a Successful Coaching Practice
Learn through a dedicated module how to sell coaching services.

Become part of fast growing 500+ strong Grow More Coaches community and get multiple after the program benefits like – being part of Grow More Coach100 Program, invitation to attend Grow More Coach Meetups, support for ICF ACC credential etc.

Using coaching for self-an insightful session in progress

About The Master Facilitator

Inderjeet Singh

Inderjeet is a Master Certified Coach (MCC-ICF), Marshall Goldsmith Certified Coach, the developer and the lead trainer of the Grow More Coach Model program. He is one of the Marshall Goldsmith’s MG25-India Coaches. He has trained 450+ professionals to get certified as Grow More Coaches, equipped 1000s of managers and leaders with coaching skills and empowered 100s of people by coaching them to achieve their desired objectives. Know more about Inderjeet Singh here.

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Program Structure

Our face to face, all in the class program comprises of 8 days class room training, with home assignments, coaching practice sessions and a written exam. The class room training days are generally Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for open workshops. For In-company programs the days can be as per the client convenience. The program is delivered in English.

Our fastest-route-to-ICF-ACC program is an Instructor Lead Virtual training program conducted over an online platform.

Program Details

Virtual Instructor Lead training (GMCM-I) starts 19th March 2021 (Fastest Route to ICF ACC)
Virtual Instructor Lead training (GMCM-II) starts 5th May 2021 (UpGrade to ICF PCC)

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