What Is Coaching

Coaching is a profession that helps you produce extraordinary results in others life, career, business, or organization. Coaching drives the coachee (client) to:

  • Identify and clarify the agenda (goals / challenges / roadblocks / etc) of coaching.
  • Identify the skills and capabilities that are within the coachee, and
  • Enables him to use them (for the agenda) to the best of his ability.

Basically, in the coaching process, coach leads the coachee to draw solutions “to their own self-identified goals /challenges / etc” from their own highest knowledge and wisdom.The key thing is that coach does not have the answers but has the questions that allow the client to find their own answers.

How is coaching different from therapy / mentoring / consulting / training ?

  • Therapy is meant to correct aberration brought on by emotional and behavioural problems. It is aimed at restoring the normal functioning.
  • Mentoring is a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps a less experienced or less knowledgeable person to advance their careers, enhance their education, etc.
  • Consulting is providing advice in a particular area of expertise.
  • Training is aimed at transferring specific know-how, information and skills to the trainee.
  • Coaching is not similar to consulting/mentoring as the coach is not an expert in the clients life/skills and hence does not give any recommendations to the client. But the coach leads the client to draw solutions (Please refer to the above “What is Coaching” section for more details).

Who works with a coach?

  • People of all walks of life and all ages can benefit from coaching to produce extraordinary results.
  • Organizations, managers, executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, individuals, spouses, parents, children, sportspersons and people who desire change are some of the people who work with a coach.
  • If you are ready to discover, re-invent, grow, expand, sublimate, innovate, you're probably ready to work with a coach.

What’s in it for me – Benefits of Coaching?

Anything is possible. Some of the important ones are:

  • Identify with clarity the real Roadblocks and hence the desired Direction.
  • Set Better Goals (Eg: S.M.A.R.T. goals) that you might not have without the coach .
  • Access More of your own potential for Extraordinary Solutions/Results
  • Focused and Effective Actions immediately
  • Better Time Management and Productivity
  • Create a Lasting Change.

Can you give me some Example Success Stories?

  • Manager desiring more enthusiasm, harmony & team-spirit in his Team. Done!
  • Company Executive trying hard to find his work-life balance. Done!
  • Leadership Team targeting to achieve their Vision. Done!
  • HR Team intending to align people aspirations with Company Vision. Done!
  • Entrepreneur requiring to start a new business. Done!
  • Unemployed person looking for a career aligned with what he enjoys. Done!
  • Cricket batsman trying to better his skills. Done!
  • Overweight person aiming for weight loss & overall fitness. Done!
  • Many more..

Up Coming Programs

  • Marshall Goldsmith
    Stakeholder Centered Coaching Certfication,
    3rd & 4th October 2018, Mumbai.

  • Become a Professional Coach
    Grow More Coach Model,
    Starts 26th October 2018, Mumbai.

  • Become a Professional Coach
    Grow More Coach Model,
    Starts 2nd November 2018, New Delhi.

    MAP Your Life,
    23rd January 2019, Mumbai.

Client Speak

  • "Before coming to this session I had heard ‘coaching’ word many times, my interpretation about coaching concept is totally changed. It is a very powerful tool for me now".

    Vice President –HR

  • "Excellent Workshop Content, a very powerful tool for Managers. Coaching concepts are clearly articulated and very effectively taught".

    Director-Finance & Accounting, Room to Read.

  • "The workshop gives the insight to the structured process of coaching. Very simple to understand concepts and great facilitation"

    Head Training, Wockhardt Ltd.