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We offer Coach Training Programs and Coaching services to help you grow more and excel in all areas of your life.

Training Programs

Being Manager and a Coach

Is a 2/3 days program designed to impart basic coaching skills to participants. Participants learn how to conduct professional coaching sessions and how to effectively use coaching in their day to day life for improved results & performance.

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered

Coaching Workshop is a Premium Train the Coach (TTC) Program organised 2/3 times a year in India. This workshop conducted 2-3 times in India, mostly in Delhi and Mumbai. Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching has been used by 150 of the Fortune 500 Companies. Click to know more...

Become a Professional Coach

Is an 8 day ICF Approved Coach Training program designed to help participants become a professional coach. They get to acquire coaching skills in depth, see coaching from multiple perspectives, learn how to postively impace their clients' life. The program leads to ICF ACC level Credential.

Coaching Services

Business Coaching Service

Is a package of multiple coaching sessions combined with short skills imparting training modules. It is designed for business owners and entrepreneurs to help them take their business from where it is to where it should be.

Executive Coaching Services

Are focused towards drastically improving the performance of Leaders and Executives at all levels. Our battery of coaches is available throughout the country, in all metros, for all levels of managers and leaders. Our coaches are trained in mulitiple approaches to coaching. All are either Grow More Coach or ICF ACC or Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Certified or all three.

Other Coaching

Are oriented towards people who want to hire their personal coach to help them overcome personal or professional challenges and/or improve in any area of their life. Career coaching packages are also available to help clients discover more about themselves with respect to career choices and options.

Importance Of Coaching

Video Testimonials

HR Head of a Leading Cement Company

Human Resource Lead-India for a leading MNC

Sr. VP Business & Service Excellence of a leading insurance company

Client Speak

"It was a great program which made me understand the concept of coaching very well and brought a great level of confidence on how can I be a good coach, Enhanced my ability by providing ample practice during the program. Great job !!"

-Director-HR & Social Relations

"The use, designing and creativity of the Powerful questions, the style of teaching and subject knowledge of Mr. Inderjeet and wonderful concept and use of Life Changers are my greatest takeaways from the program."

-Vice President HR

"The 8 day Grow More Coach Program has been a journey of self-exploration, learning coaching skills and applying the same. The journey has been fulfilling, bringing clarity on number of personal and professional challenges. This has helped me align with my life purpose and bring peace. Confident that I can enable others now"

— Head Talent Development, Viom Networks Ltd

"The program has helped me in enhancing my coaching skills and use of innovative tools like Life Changers. It has also helped me in understanding the importance of structured approach by using techniques life NLP, Whole brain etc. I realised how important it is to go through an 8 day structured program and the use of home work.The experience has been great and it has helped me a part of larger community which shares similar interests"

— Sr. Manager, BPCL

"The workshop gives the insight to the structured process of coaching. Very simple to understand concepts and great facilitation".

–Head Training

"The best part of being trained in this model of coaching is the variety and intensity that each tool provides."

–An experienced Coach & OD Consultant

"This 8 day program covers the overall processes, a variety of tools and techniques and gives us many prospectives of coaching. Inderjeet is a knowledgeable, patient and very competent trainer who answers all questions to satisfaction.
His approach of process combined with flexibility whilst also giving space and elicting ideas from the learners is commendable.
Apart from the coaching concepts and tools, which are a value add to my credentials and self growth, I shall be walking away with many ideas and learnings on facilitation."

–An experienced Coach & OD Consultant